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Atlanta Bone Broth

Beef Broth - "Sancocho" 14 oz

Beef Broth - "Sancocho" 14 oz

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This beef broth is rich in flavor, collagen and nutrients.  We wanted to take the influences of South American roots so we blended the ingredients to create a thick hearty soup. The soup comes in a sealed pouch vs. a deli cup in order to freeze immediately after production.  Ingredients: Pasture raised beef and bones, filtered water, onion, cilantro, garlic, red bell pepper, celery, onion, carrot, plantain, yucca, potato, iodized and Himalayan salt and a pinch of beef seasoning (Knor).

Most of our ingredients are organic though we'll be honest, not all can be purchased organic in bulk sizes.  We feed our family and will do our very best to procure a top quality, wholesome product.  This product is frozen and shipped in specialty boxes and will arrive cold.  Enjoy your broth and here's to your health!  Expires after 12 months since we don't put preservatives.

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