About Us

We are a small female owned business whose sole purpose is health building.  It all started with my fertility journey at 40.  Making fertile eggs to build my family was an uphill battle that I won.  Incorporating home made bone marrow broth was key for the minerals, collagen, gelatin, chondroitin sulfate and bone marrow.  

When my child was born, she had a few health issues which prompted me to earn degrees in Oriental Medicine and Health Science that soon took me to Shanghai, China to learn the secrets of health building and longevity.  One of the pillars of Asian culture for health, strong bones, good circulation, gut health and beauty was Bone Marrow Broth.  I learned in a hospital setting to make the secret "bone broth" they were serving patients.  This is bone marrow broth to an entirely new level.  We take every ingredient and we make sure not to overcook it or roast it like traditional bone broths in order to preserve their essence.

So we bring to you a healthy and very tasty bone broth for you and your family to enjoy and build good health.